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Listen to 4th of July programming:

A collection of speeches by our founding fathers on American Independence, read by various GaRRS Volunteer Readers Aired July 4, 2016.

On the Boston Massacre, by John Hancock - read by Jim Beattie

Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death, by Patrick Henry - read by Bill Earnest

American Independence, by Samuel Adams - read by Tom Jowers

Speech in the Constitutional Convention, by Benjamin Franklin - read by Buzz Weiss

On the Expediency of Adaption of the Federal Constitution, by Patrick Henry - read by Arian Eskandanian

On the Expediency of Adaption of the Federal Constitution, by Alexander Hamilton - read by Bill Davis

The Bunker Hill Monument, by Daniel Webster, read by Russ Marshall

On American Independence, by John Quincy Adams - read by Arthur Cole

1st Inaugral Adress, by George Washington - read by Bill Norton

True Americanism, by Carl Schurz, read by Julius Suber



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